Here we are again. Another depressing holiday.

If it’s not depressing for you, feel free to scroll to the cool story at the bottom.

For the rest of you, I feel you.

It’s not about being alone or even the hyperawareness of being alone. It’s the FOMO of another, better life. Any life that isn’t yours. Here’s the thing: if you continue looking outward, you will continue to want more.

When you see all those couples getting dressed up, going out, eating expensive meals, or basking in their flowers or jewelry on social media, remember this: it’s all an act.

We all pose to record a perfect moment, even if it’s anything but. We all go through the motions to make ourselves feel better, whether we should or not.

This year, let’s make a change. Instead of focusing outward on what other people are doing, let’s turn our love inward.

It’s just one day, after all.

Maybe buy yourself flowers or chocolate or a great big teddy bear. Whatever your little heart desires.

You can also treat yourself to 50% off my new courses.

Let’s make this holiday not about being with someone or being alone. Let’s make it about sharing love and encouragement with everyone.

Photo by Liza Summer on Pexels.com

Here’s a cool story:

This is to the best of my ability to recall, with a quick search on Google to make sure I wasn’t completely off base.

St. Valentine was in prison, probably the equivalent of death row, for crimes unknown (maybe marrying people, maybe spreading Christianity). He was housed in the dungeon. Whatever he had done was so bad they put this guy UNDER the jail.

The children that played on the streets would drop in letters of encouragement, which is where the tradition of valentine’s cards comes from. It could also be true that he was sending love notes from prison (from your Valentine), but from what I know of martyrs, I doubt that’s why he’s remembered.

Here’s my point:

What used to be about encouragement, even in the face of death, has become a lover’s play day. It’s not bad to celebrate Valentine’s day, and if anything, I think your loved ones should be celebrated more often, not less. This is not stomping on V day; this is a note of encouragement from me to you, whether you have a significant other or not: love yourself.

Take care of yourself. Treat yourself. Woo yourself. Whatever it means to you: Love yourself.

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