This is Hard.

This is Hard.

The most difficult part of telling a story is deciding where to begin.

“The beginning” is always a safe bet unless you know how long my stories can be.

“Start Somewhere” is another bit of conventional wisdom that I often find just as baffling as it is helpful until I remember that ‘here’ is ‘somewhere’ too.

So. Here it is. And it just so happens that Here feels like (yet another) beginning of sorts. Starting Over.

The most difficult part of starting over is remembering all the ways you screwed up the last (four or five) time(s) you began and trying not to do that again. But screwing up is part of starting anything. It’s part of learning.

So, of all the stories I thought I would tell, it turns out the only cohesive one I’ve got right now is about how I’m trying to start over, trying to screw up, trying to NOT screw up (as much or again), and trying to be ok with a certain amount of screwing up. And it’s not much of a story.

This is hard.  Everything I’m starting, everything I’m remembering, doing my best, and trying to give myself grace when my best is not good enough—it’s all hard.

I keep telling myself it will get easier. Some of it. Maybe all of it. Until then, this is what I’ve got.

I wrote that 5 years ago…

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I am at another beginning, the bottom of another mountain.

Not that one, thank God, and I am a lot higher than I was then.

Looking back, I am thankful for my progress. Looking forward, I am daunted but determined.

I will get through because I already have.

I’ve done it before, so I can do it again.

I have a lot more strength, a bigger team, and a much much bigger attitude that says

“Oh yes, I can.”

I’m not really sure what the plan is from here.

Maybe it will come to me, maybe it won’t. It doesn’t hurt me to trust.

This is hard. Yeah. It is. Still.

But easier too.


Wondering about the CREATIVE COLLECTIVE or LIVING WRITE course? These links will give you more info, or you can CONTACT ME for next steps.

Let’s CELEBRATE (even if we don’t feel like it)!

March is a month I choose to CELEBRATE.

It’s my BIRTHDAY month and the beginning of spring when I start to feel better and more hopeful about life. It’s the lead-up to Easter and the end of Lent. Everything is blooming and beautiful, the weather has started to warm, and everything is just looking up.

It’s a pretty good time of year for me.

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The dark is still there. I’m not out of the pit yet. I can see the light, and I know the end is near.


I’m still struggling every day. I don’t understand some of what is going on, and it’s harder knowing this is the time of year I “should” be better.

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So, forget “should,” I’ll just


That’s enough to celebrate right now. The fact that I am here and that I keep on keeping on. If you’re in the same boat, LET ME KNOW, and we can encourage each other.

Speaking of Encouragement…

Have you voted on the CREATIVE COLLECTIVE time? If not, that’s ok. Here’s a link to the FORM.

I can’t wait to get started with you. See you soon.






It’s here.

The Creative Collective.

What’s that, you ask?

Oh, just this thing I made up to help creative people be more productive and satisfied in their art.

Every week, we get together, set goals, and hold each other accountable. We make space and time for creativity and we follow through with meeting our own goals and helping others meet theirs. It is a safe and non-judgmental space where everyone is welcome and free to create how they choose.

That’s it.

Nothing fancy.

The best part? You’re invited!

You don’t have to do anything but show up ready to self-explore.

I’ve got three different time slots available, so you’ll need to vote on which one you can make. Please only vote for your BEST possible time. 


Just click below and let me know you’re interested. I can’t wait to see you there.


Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday?

Or Lent?

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Do you identify with one over the other? Why?

(I’d really like to know! Leave me a comment!)

Here’s the thing:

They’re both about celebration.

What are you celebrating now?

I’m still struggling, but I am celebrating creativity this month and hoping you’ll join me.

What is creativity, and how do we use it?

I believe we are all creative beings, but some of us are gifted creatively in ways others are not. We have unlimited creative possibilities, but we may be weaker in certain more practical areas, such as accountability.

This is what I’m striving to achieve: A community where we can benefit each other by working together.

Let me know your strengths and what you’re trying to achieve

Let me know your weaknesses and where you’d like to improve.

This is a completely free opportunity to join a collective of other creators.

Are you in?

Let me know

Sweet-Deal for your Sweet-T

If you haven’t signed up yet, you have a little more time!

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Hello Friends,

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wish you a happy holiday and my best wishes for your care and well-being.

I’ve also decided to extend the 50% offer for each course.

If you or your Valentine want to shape up your routine, wrangle your grammar skills, or envision your future, now is the best time to join.

This is your last reminder!

I’m extending the sale until the end of the month when the courses go full price.

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Even if you want to preview the FREE version, I need to hear from you

If you need a reminder of the prices, go HERE.

Contact Me Today for 50% Off!

If you’re looking for course descriptions, you can find them in today’s email.

If you’re not on my email list, sign up HERE.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Here we are again. Another depressing holiday.

If it’s not depressing for you, feel free to scroll to the cool story at the bottom.

For the rest of you, I feel you.

It’s not about being alone or even the hyperawareness of being alone. It’s the FOMO of another, better life. Any life that isn’t yours. Here’s the thing: if you continue looking outward, you will continue to want more.

When you see all those couples getting dressed up, going out, eating expensive meals, or basking in their flowers or jewelry on social media, remember this: it’s all an act.

We all pose to record a perfect moment, even if it’s anything but. We all go through the motions to make ourselves feel better, whether we should or not.

This year, let’s make a change. Instead of focusing outward on what other people are doing, let’s turn our love inward.

It’s just one day, after all.

Maybe buy yourself flowers or chocolate or a great big teddy bear. Whatever your little heart desires.

You can also treat yourself to 50% off my new courses.

Let’s make this holiday not about being with someone or being alone. Let’s make it about sharing love and encouragement with everyone.

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Here’s a cool story:

This is to the best of my ability to recall, with a quick search on Google to make sure I wasn’t completely off base.

St. Valentine was in prison, probably the equivalent of death row, for crimes unknown (maybe marrying people, maybe spreading Christianity). He was housed in the dungeon. Whatever he had done was so bad they put this guy UNDER the jail.

The children that played on the streets would drop in letters of encouragement, which is where the tradition of valentine’s cards comes from. It could also be true that he was sending love notes from prison (from your Valentine), but from what I know of martyrs, I doubt that’s why he’s remembered.

Here’s my point:

What used to be about encouragement, even in the face of death, has become a lover’s play day. It’s not bad to celebrate Valentine’s day, and if anything, I think your loved ones should be celebrated more often, not less. This is not stomping on V day; this is a note of encouragement from me to you, whether you have a significant other or not: love yourself.

Take care of yourself. Treat yourself. Woo yourself. Whatever it means to you: Love yourself.


IF YOU’RE NEW HERE, feel free to look around…

I haven’t been the best at communicating about this site, but here’s the blog.

LITEWINGS.INK pronounced light-wings-ink


It’s been a wild ride, and I’m glad to be here for 2023, even if it’s off to a rockyish start.

I’m making it through and making good progress so far, and that’s the truth.

IF YOU’RE HERE FOR THE NEXT PARTY, then look no further…

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It’s time to launch the courses. Ready or not, here they come.

I need beta testers, and I’m offering a first-come-first-served offer to anyone willing to try them.

Here’s the skinny:

You get

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If you need a payment plan, just CONTACT ME. If you want to help without paying, I’m willing to send you the PDF version of each course through email. You’ll need to email me or CONTACT ME and mention the blog post or the email for this offer.

KEEP READING for PRICING structures…

The three courses again are:

LIVING WRITE: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Creative Routine in One Month.

SKILL SCHOOL: Simple Tips for Better Writing this Week.

ENVISION: Live Your Future Today.

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TIER 1 $44 ($100 value)

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Downloadable Freebies.

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Printable self-care journal with daily writing prompts for both fiction and nonfiction writers or creatives

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What’s a coaching session?

30 minutes of one-on-one help wherever you are.

Behind-the-scenes access.

Encouragement and next steps.

Half off future coaching sessions ($45-$120 value).

So, which one are you interested in? Thanks for helping me prelaunch these courses. I can’t wait to work with you!


SPACE 2 CREATE: That’s a Wrap

Well, no one laughed at me.

They listened to me (mostly), and I was not called a fraud. Here are my takeaways from the retreat:

  • I’m thankful (but we could all be more so) for the creative gift I have been given, and I will take on the responsibility of sharing it with the world.
  • I will toss fear and comparison to the curb because they do not serve me.
  • I will create space for my dreams and continue to dream the impossible
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When we make space for creativity, creativity shows up for us. I’m living proof it’s true.

So whether you want to start a new writing routine or not, whether you consider yourself a creative or not, if you have a dream, it’s time to put it in front of your face and breathe life into it.

I’m so blessed I get to do what I love every day. Don’t you want to say the same?

If you’re thinking now is the time to start something, then CONTACT ME about beta testing my courses.

I have 3

LIVING WRITE is all about getting your routine under control. Whether you have some writing time or a lot of writing time, we will get you some space to create. Don’t think you’re exempt if you’re not a writer. Creative people of all stripes need a routine.

SKILL SCHOOL is grammar basics for writers. Even if you’re a seasoned writer, you may not know which rules you’re breaking (or how to do so with confidence). Beginner and Advanced writers welcome.

ENVISION is about creating a vision board and getting your dreams on paper. In order to create the life you love, you have to make space in some key areas. I help you eliminate the clutter and focus on the dream.


SPACE 2 CREATE: Preconceived Notions

By the time you read this, I will be at the Space 2 Create Writing Retreat with my cousins, sisters, fellow hope*writers, and brand new friends.

I absolutely cannot wait.

I have some trepidation that I hope to exorcise by writing about it: I have terrible imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome involves unfounded feelings of self-doubt and incompetence.
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No matter how good I am, no matter how many awards I’ve won or accolades I’ve received. No matter how many times I’ve succeeded. I don’t feel I’ve earned a place at the table.

I still fear that no one will listen to me, that people will make fun of me, that I will be exposed as a fraud.

But that’s not the truth.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

I’m not a fraud. I’m an experienced expert. I have the knowledge and the track record to back me up.

So, move over, Imposter Syndrome.

I’m clearing this table and using it as my platform.

Here’s a sneak peek into my presentation for the retreat this week and the coming course:



For creative people, the visceral matters and the visual is visceral.

You’ll learn:

The importance of a vision board:

How to organize a vision board:

My favorite vision board categories and why:


I’m excited to bring this to them and you. CONTACT me for more details and have a great week!



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