MAYFLOWERS: Pretty in Paint

This is the place where I start the things I’m too scared to do.

I’ve been working on building an Etsy shop for…I don’t know…years.

I finally have a shop and a name

and I have maybe one listing. I think I’m in the middle of filming it.


I need some encouragement to keep it going and to share art with the world.

It’s not that I really think I am that good; it’s more that I know I can’t get better without sucking first.

And it’s cluttering up my house, so it’s got to go.

If you’re reading this, you’re invited to bug the crap out of me until it’s complete and you can actually purchase through Etsy.

So you know, 50% of your purchase goes to Breast Cancer Research (BCRF) until I say different.

I have a target number I want to donate, and until I hit it, I will be donating half the proceeds of all my painting work.

Reminder about the PAPERBACK PROMO! Over 50% off until the end of May. Just CONTACT ME.

See you next week!


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