SPACE 2 CREATE: That’s a Wrap

Well, no one laughed at me.

They listened to me (mostly), and I was not called a fraud. Here are my takeaways from the retreat:

  • I’m thankful (but we could all be more so) for the creative gift I have been given, and I will take on the responsibility of sharing it with the world.
  • I will toss fear and comparison to the curb because they do not serve me.
  • I will create space for my dreams and continue to dream the impossible
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When we make space for creativity, creativity shows up for us. I’m living proof it’s true.

So whether you want to start a new writing routine or not, whether you consider yourself a creative or not, if you have a dream, it’s time to put it in front of your face and breathe life into it.

I’m so blessed I get to do what I love every day. Don’t you want to say the same?

If you’re thinking now is the time to start something, then CONTACT ME about beta testing my courses.

I have 3

LIVING WRITE is all about getting your routine under control. Whether you have some writing time or a lot of writing time, we will get you some space to create. Don’t think you’re exempt if you’re not a writer. Creative people of all stripes need a routine.

SKILL SCHOOL is grammar basics for writers. Even if you’re a seasoned writer, you may not know which rules you’re breaking (or how to do so with confidence). Beginner and Advanced writers welcome.

ENVISION is about creating a vision board and getting your dreams on paper. In order to create the life you love, you have to make space in some key areas. I help you eliminate the clutter and focus on the dream.


SPACE 2 CREATE: Preconceived Notions

By the time you read this, I will be at the Space 2 Create Writing Retreat with my cousins, sisters, fellow hope*writers, and brand new friends.

I absolutely cannot wait.

I have some trepidation that I hope to exorcise by writing about it: I have terrible imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome involves unfounded feelings of self-doubt and incompetence.
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No matter how good I am, no matter how many awards I’ve won or accolades I’ve received. No matter how many times I’ve succeeded. I don’t feel I’ve earned a place at the table.

I still fear that no one will listen to me, that people will make fun of me, that I will be exposed as a fraud.

But that’s not the truth.

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I’m not a fraud. I’m an experienced expert. I have the knowledge and the track record to back me up.

So, move over, Imposter Syndrome.

I’m clearing this table and using it as my platform.

Here’s a sneak peek into my presentation for the retreat this week and the coming course:



For creative people, the visceral matters and the visual is visceral.

You’ll learn:

The importance of a vision board:

How to organize a vision board:

My favorite vision board categories and why:


I’m excited to bring this to them and you. CONTACT me for more details and have a great week!


Nanowrimo 2022: Badass Beginner-LIVE Updates

Happy Fall Y’all!

Here’s my first nanowrimo update and info on my LIVE YouTube streams this month.

November 1st update:

I’m a badass beginner.

At least I usually am. That means I hit the ground running when it comes to typing my little heart out at the beginning of November. Sometimes I lose steam around the tenth and muddle through the middle before sprinting toward the finish and 50k.

I am always so fired up for today; it’s my favorite day of the year. Not only is Halloween candy 50% off, it’s also the first day of nanowrimo. I have a tradition of staying up til midnight to usher the day in.

I’m a bit over the top.

But this year guess what happened…


That’s right. I wrote four words at midnight before I had to give up and shut the computer. I don’t know why. I couldn’t pinpoint it then, and I don’t know now.

Then guess what happened.

I couldn’t sleep. 

Of course. 

So I did what I always do when lying still doesn’t work.

I wrote.

I’m not sure what I wrote was understandable or even legible. I didn’t look at the screen. It’s my policy not to go backward this month. November is always about forward momentum.

I got about 850 words in 30 minutes. Not bad.

So what’s the lesson here? Take my time? Write when I can? Pick up and try again?

Probably all of those things.

In other news:

I sent out an email today. It asked 1 question. If you didn’t get it and would like to, send me a message.

I’m going live at least twice on YouTube this month before a long hiatus in December.

The first is tonight at 5 central and we’ll go until the people grow tired.

The next one and the one you should put on your calendar is:

Saturday November 12 from 6 to 6 central time (7-7 eastern).

I’m working for 10k that day and I would love for you to join me whether you’re writing or reading or knitting or whatever it is you’re doing.

We don’t limit creation.

Join me in my journey this month and thank you as always for your support!


WHY Do We Write?

Writing is like reading except the book is trying to kill you

Lauren DeStefano

original post

Why write?

or Create, if you prefer, for writing is an art as much as painting, sculpting, dancing, and music making.

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Why do it at all?

This isn’t a rhetorical question.

I’d really like to know what you think.

I can tell you why I do it…then again…I wonder if I can.

Because it’s private, isn’t it? Maybe we’ve never asked ourselves the question before, but we know immediately it’s off-limits, at least until we’ve had a chance to view it.

Well, here we go…

Why do I write what I write how I write it?

because it’s true. the worst thing you can do in fiction is lie.

this one’s me

My truth is dark.

I don’t know why. I probably wouldn’t have chosen it that way, if I’d been given a choice. Then again, I’ve always been a red-pill kinda girl.

My point: I wouldn’t have chosen the pain, but I don’t regret it. Pain is an excellent if harsh, teacher. Experience is another.

Fiction is the truth inside the lie

Stephen King

If we continue to be afraid of the dark, the light cannot win. I want to look at the ugliness and pain that is in the world and show it I am not afraid. It can’t scare me.

I am a Lightbringer.

Why create??

Because I can’t not.

If we refuse to bring the light, the darkness will win.

And we can’t have that.


WHEN Do You Write?

When is the best time of day for writing?

I’ve added my own answers and polled some hope*writers for their answers as well.

The truth is, there is no best time to write.

Or, conversely,

EVERY time is a good time to write.

It doesn’t matter what you write or when, the fact that you are writing is the important part. I broke the day down into three categories: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening and listed the pros and cons for each time of the day. Let’s get into it.

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Pros: Let’s face it, you’re at your best. You’ve just come off a good night of sleep and your energy level is at the highest it will be all day. This is a great time to get going and start your day at the computer or with your notebook. Many people decide morning is the best time to write because they and their ideas are freshest. Many writers can think more clearly, get more done, and have fewer distractions.

Cons: Not everyone is a morning person. It can be hard to get up in the morning for something you technically don’t have to do. Some people have early morning responsibilities, such as getting kids off to school, making lunches, and commuting to work. Some folks can get up an hour early to work out or have a quiet time or write, but it’s not a possibility for everyone.


Pros: Some people may have more free time in the afternoon when kids are at school or in activities. Benefits of the afternoon include not being so tired or so rushed to get from point A to point B. Most people are already awake and well into their day by lunchtime and the afternoon can be a reprieve from morning or evening activities. If there’s a lull, it can be a great time to write. Sometimes the afternoon just works better.

Cons: On the flip side, some people are worn out by the afternoon and hit a slump. Ferrying kids to and from school and after-school activities can leave little time for creativity. It’s also a somewhat awkward time of day in between busy mornings and evenings. Unless one has a designated writing time for the afternoon, the creativity can get lost in the activity shuffle.


Pros: Day is done and so are most of life’s responsibilities. After dinner and kids’ bedtime, there can be some glorious writing hours, especially for those who consider themselves “night owls.” Many people find it easier to think about themselves and their writing after they’ve had a full day of activity. Plus, the ideas have had all day to mull around your brain and take shape. Evenings can be the quietest time of day and more conducive to concentration and productivity.

Cons: Most people have been zapped by the end of their full day. Work, kiddos, and other responsibilities can wear on a writer, and it can take major self-control to sit down to write when all you want to do is hit the hay. Not to mention, you may have more evening activities to attend to and your day may not end until quite late.

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So what’s the answer?

Write whenever works for you.

The most important thing about writing is consistency. Writers have to make time to write, and that means utilizing the “crack” space in between activities, or scheduling a “chunk” of time in which to be productive.

What works for you will depend on the kind of writer you are.

The most important thing is to write.

As for me, I find my best time is in the morning, though I do schedule some writing times in the evenings like my LIVE@5 WRITING STREAM on Tuesday nights. I find it best to write in “chunks” (though I do occasionally take advantage of the “crack” time) because I can concentrate on my subject and minimize distractions.

What about you? Do you write in “cracks” or “chunks?” What time of day do you write?

WHAT Are YOU Doing in January?

I’m going to a writer’s retreat. Check out the details below or go straight to the source.

January 15-18, 2023 in French Camp, Mississippi. We’ve rented the whole bed and breakfast (and then some) for this creative retreat and guess what?

You’re invited!

Historic French Camp, Mississippi

Remember back in February when I went on a creative retreat and had a blast? Well, I’m doing it again next year…and this time, I’m leading a Vision workshop and holding editing sessions.

What happens when 4 Creative Queens get together for a Creative Retreat? They have so much fun that they plan another one, and this time you are invited!

“Connecting with other writers keeps me moving forward on my writing journey. I
am excited about creating a time and place for other writers to experience this as

Erin Ulerich

Erin has done such a phenomenal job planning this retreat, and I’m honored to be part of it. Check out what she says about Space to Create:

Writers from all stages of the writing journey will be in French
Camp, MS this January discovering how to make space in their
everyday lives to move forward with their writing goals.

Step away from the to do lists and noise. Connect with other
writers, attend workshops, and enjoy creative activities as you soak
up the quiet charm of the French Camp Historic District.

Upon registration, you will have access to a private Facebook group
for Space to Create attendees and be able to reserve a 30-minute
editorial critique with author/editor Linsey Ewing.

Sign up now on Erin’s site or comment below to get more details about my part in Space to Create.

IN-VISION Presentation:

I’ll be leading the breakout session about creating a vision board. This exercise has changed my life, and I am honored to be asked to share it with you. Here’s what Erin says about the activity:

“Linsey’s vision board workshop helped me identify where I wanted to aim in
different areas of my life. It brought dreams I had buried back to life. Telling
others about those dreams helped me decide which ones I was excited about and
wanted to pursue.

The weekly goal sheets allow me to put the items from my vision board into
action by dividing them into smaller steps. Linsey’s workshop is helping me take
consistent steps toward my ideal life instead of waiting for things to just happen
one day.”

Editorial Sessions:

I’m offering editorial help for retreat attendees for a fee.

Early bird discount is $60 for a 30-minute session-Deadline January 15th.

At the conference, the price will be $75.

So what are you getting? A deep dive into your manuscript and expert help with the writing, concept, or language.


Retreat: January 15-18

Early bird registration: November 20

Final Registration: December 28

See you there!


WHERE Are You?

Sorry, no cool song to go with this one.

I’m curious, where do you find yourself today?

Are you looking for help or encouragement?

You’ve come to the right place.

My new motto for life is:


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I hope this is helpful to you wherever you are. Maybe you feel stuck or out of place.

YOU CAN get out of it.

Movement is the best antidote for feeling stuck. Do something. Anything.

Maybe you don’t know what to do next.

YOU CAN do anything.

Anything is SOMETHING, something is NOT nothing, and HERE is as good a place to start as any.

Maybe you need that extra bit of motivation to get you where you’re going.

YOU CAN contact me for help.

I spent years dragging my feet, waiting for the right time, and depending on others before I realized this was MY life and I could have it any way I wanted it.

Whether you’re stuck in work or in life, I CAN help you.

I’m simply a message away.

Do SOMETHING today. Even if that something is messaging me to tell me you don’t know what to do. I promise I will help.

Have a great week and keep your chin up. Remember, YOU CAN.


WHERE Can You Find Me?

Well hello there!

Now that I’ve reviewed who I am and whom I serve, let me tell you where you can find the help and services you need online.

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Since you’re here, you already know I blog on a weekly basis. This is my creative outlet and accountability for each week. Usually, you will find whatever is on my mind, though I am structuring this blog more to be helpful to all my clients and readers.

You will find the freshest content here and on YouTube.

Stay tuned for more fiction, writing advice, and general life stuff on the blog.


The website is my home base. This is my commerce and business hub. You will find my portfolio, bookshelf, and writing freebies here. You can also make an appointment with me for individualized help.

Check out my website for a list of services and the best way to contact me.


YouTube is where I do most of my writing. Every week I host live writing and productivity streams to help you (and me) stay on track and keep writing. You will find me there every Tuesday night at 5 PM Central Time. Please drop by and leave a like or a comment and let me know what other videos you’d like to see.

Stay tuned for new PREPTOBER and NANOWRIMO updates and streams on this channel and maybe even an all-day (12 hours 10k words) stream sometime in November.


My Facebook page and Instagram accounts are relatively recent, but this is where I’ll be doing most of my advertising as well as linking back to the blog on occasion.

Follow me for more personal fun, business updates, and pictures of my dog and my art.

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Have a request?

I’d love to hear what you think about these channels and what you’d like to see on them in the future. Comment below or on your favorite medium to let me know!


WHO ARE YOU? (who? who?who?who?)

Tell me, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?)
‘Cause I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?

The Who
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Now that you know who I am, Perhaps you’d like to know whom I help.

I help people find their words. Part of my calling is helping others communicate. So, if you need to find your message, manage your writing time, or find a better way to communicate, I want to help you, especially if you fall into the following categories:

Creative Entrepreneurs:

You’re a writer, artist, dancer, etc. who has or wants to start your own business.

I’ve been there, done that, and made most of the mistakes along the way. I can help you balance your time, deal with your finances, and find better clients.


You’ve written or even published your work, but you know it needs another set of eyes.

I provide a non-judgmental critical eye to your work and help you define and hone your message. I can help with editing, self-publishing or query questions, and getting in the right mindset.

Newbie Writers:

You’re just starting to write and you’re wondering if you’ve got what it takes.

First, let me say, you do. I can help with your drive, managing your time, and getting your words in front of other people.

Non-Native Speakers:

You’re struggling with your English and have trouble with written or spoken communication.

I have been tutoring and training non-native speakers for almost 20 years! I love the language and I can help you become a better writer, speaker, or both.

So tell me…who are you? Do you still need help, even if you don’t identify with any category?

Send me a message!

What can I do to uncover or strengthen your calling, message, or passion? Let me know!


AUGUST: A Reprieve

Did I make it to the end of CAMP? Sure did.

Did I make it anywhere near my goal?


Is that ok?


60K was a lofty aim anyway, but I actually had less usable content than I thought. The product of good character development, but not plot.

The result?

I’m pooped.

Think I’ll sit this one out.

Never fear, I’ll be back before long with more staggeringly good content. In the meantime, if you think of something you’d like to see, click HERE.

I always want to hear what you have to say. Thanks for hanging with me.



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