What. Do. You. Want?

Day 3: “‘Simple’ and ‘Easy’ are not the same thing.” – a friend of mine

It may not be the most famous scene from The Notebook, but it’s the one I’m most familiar with (mostly from memes—the funniest one went something like “when you ask your girl where she wants to eat”): It’s the one where Noah (Ryan Gosling) asks Allie (Rachel McAdams) over and over “what do you want?” while she just shakes her head and says “it’s not that simple.”

I cannot believe I opened with a Nicholas Sparks example. Oh well…it’s funny and it’s true.

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been trying to do two things at once (1. dream as big as possible 2. narrow/eliminated dreams based on a variety of criteria) that are not only incompatible with each other, but actually impossible.

So I feel very much like I am always having the Noah/Allie convo in my head…which is funny, when it’s not so depressing.

Ready for the tangent? Did you know a bumblebee should not be able to fly? According to whatever laws of physics and/or aerodynamics (or so I understand), it’s body is too big and it’s wings are too small.

Nevertheless, it does.

I have a habit of believing the impossible, which is not a bad habit, but not a terribly practical one either, when it comes to my own life. Believing the impossible CAN happen does not mean it WILL happen without some other things in place. In other words, it’s simple for me to believe that I can have/do anything I want; it’s not easy for me to know either what that is or how to get it.

I do know waiting around for my own ‘nevertheless’ isn’t going to work. So I keep flapping those wings.

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