with a little help from my friends

IMG_5550I want to introduce you to a couple of other people who make a huge difference in my life. I thought long and hard on how to do this because I want to protect people’s privacy but they are part of my life and I want to talk about them. Selfish? Maybe.

The things people say to me and the interactions I have with them are part of my story, so I have the right to tell it. I have experience with being outed on the internet before I was ready, so I never want to do that to anyone else. My solution: composites.

It’s also a way to show the many different voices in my head who influence what I do and who I am. It’s shown me that I can categorize those people which is both handy and makes me wonder if i should broaden my horizons.

J   Boyfriends past and present. The Voice of Reason. Men whose opinions I respect.

M  Besties.Women who legitimately care about my well being.

R  My better half. My partner. People I trust. My sisters.

A  Counsellor, relative, neighbor, or friend.

Zed. Everyone else.

This is just a fun post. I’m still working on those serious business ones. Let me know what else y’all would like to hear about.

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