Self-Care Week (happy thanksgiving)

NaNoWriMo word count goal: 35,007

My current word count: 18,707

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As you can see, it’s still not going well.

I’m coming off a rough week work-wise, and I’ve been sick.
I’m trying to find new jobs while completing the ones I have.
All while not feeling worth a crap.
Writing for NaNoWriMo has been low on the priority list.

This week I’m really hitting it hard, but I’m also taking advantage of the extra time to take some care of myself and my needs.

In my time with hope*writers, I’ve encountered the writing of Julia Cameron, who insists we take an “artist date” at least once a week.

An artist date is simply a date with oneself where one fills one’s soul with creativity. It’s appropriately vague to include all manner of activities, and an artist is anyone who creates for work or pleasure.

I’ve been to museums, garden tours, craft stores, and nature walks as artists dates, and I’m always on the lookout for more ideas.

I also haven’t been on an artist date in several weeks. It’s so easy to schedule other things, especially work, or to make excuses, especially when I don’t feel good, and I forget that this is a crucial part of maintaining healthy mental balance.

My work depends on my creativity, and so taking care of my creativity is just as important as taking care of my physical needs.

So my challenge is to not only take it easy this Thanksgiving week but to make this a week of self-care:

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MONDAY: paint my nails
TUESDAY: watch a movie
WEDNESDAY: dinner out
FRIDAY: bubble bath
SATURDAY: craft and reading time
SUNDAY: hair, face, or foot mask (or maybe all three)

If I can schedule my writing time then I can schedule my self-care time as well.

How are you taking care of yourself this week? Do you have any great ideas for self-care or an artist date?


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