Do It Scared.

I recently got a notification email from Ruth Soukup founder of [A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF that I occasionally follow*] about her new podcast and upcoming book Do It Scared. I signed up to preview the first 3 episodes, and the podcast went live today. It’s on Itunes. This is me promoting it.**

I thought this was an idea I could get behind, because I am doing something I’m scared of literally every single day. In fact, I’m almost always doing several things that scare me, and as I listened to her first episode, I felt both encouraged and discouraged in some new and familiar ways.

First, the advice she gives, or the plan she maps out, is something I’ve heard (and tried) before, so my initial thought was this doesn’t work for me, but as I continued to listen, and (arguably more importantly) as I thought about the implications of what she had said, a new thought occurred to me.

I’ve relied too hard on a system to work for me, without really processing what that system meant for me, specifically.

There are a few other, almost certainly simpler ways for me to put this, but I’ll save them for tomorrow, or the next day…because the second thing I heard/learned that both encouraged and frightened me a little was this: She had no idea what she was doing when she started either.

That seems like a no-brainer (and it probably should be), but for some reason, that is a fear I do not have—starting from scratch. I realized the fear that has been holding me back the most is one I thought I had confronted a long time ago, but alas, is still with me (perhaps always will be)…but more on that later too.

For now, the Do It Scared Manifesto for is:
1. Blog until it’s not scary. yes…that means every day.
2. Hit publish and forget that you (I) don’t make sense.

I can feel the cold sweats already, ha!

*see, if I was a real blogger, I’d list all that stuff, but that would defeat the purpose of this exercise.
**I’m also scared of pretty much every form of social media, so I’m hoping in the future one of my scared activities will be delving into that.

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