May the Fifth be with You too.

Day 6: Guilt and Shame are forms of Fear too, I think.

It was raining when I woke up this morning, and my resolutions went right out my bedroom window because…oh goodie! I love sleeping in on rainy mornings.

There are very few better feelings, for me, and very few worse feelings than getting up, eventually, and realizing how much time I’ve “wasted.”

I once heard that living in the past causes depression, living in the future causes anxiety, and only when we live in the present are we content. Perhaps these terms are just tired for me, but I think guilt and shame are similar, if not the same. These are two things I’m trying to banish from my life in my present, and I have learned that they involve facing fears too.

Guilt is usually the fear that I have (already) done something wrong, inappropriate, unhelpful, inconsiderate, etc.
Shame is the fear that I will continue to do so, and/or that I will be a) unable to make it better/correct my faux pas b) make things worse by attempting to do so.
Shame is also the fear that I just AM wrong, and guilt will forever remind me of this, no matter what I do.

I faced both today. I’m not sure I won, but I faced them.

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