May the Fourth be with You

Day 5: not QUITE Cinco de Mayo

This is actually the 5th “holiday” post I’ve written, but, this one will see the light of day. Because Star Wars.

The other days of remembrance I wrote about were (in the order I wrote them):
(Possibly MLK JR. Day)
Ash Wednesday/Valentine’s Day
April Fool’s Day/Easter

At the time I remember being too afraid to publish without rethinking my wording. Now I’m realizing it must have been the dying breaths of my liberal feminism objecting to what must appear a shocking amount of white republicanism. At least that’s what those terms meant last I understood them, but it seems those labels shift definitions rapidly. They also vary widely according to who’s talking.

Speaking of politics, can we all agree on Star Wars? Apparently even that is up for debate. It makes me feel old to hear the young people squabble over their favorites. I’m just thinking…”you get one EVERY YEAR!”

Well, I still believe in the Force and its power to bring together nerds of every description.

I do wonder if it’s irony, or cynicism, that makes me think of all the mexican restaurants that will definitely be open tomorrow.

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