20 2020 Questions: this is a test

Ok. The only people I know reading this are my parents, so I really need y’all to comment here and let me know who my audience is.

It’s totally ok if it’s only my parents. But. I’m taking this opportunity to create my very first hashtag #sorrydad for those moments…where I have to be an adult

I’ve given you a list of questions and options to ask me some. Comment with your question and your answer.

Let’s start a conversation.

person pointing at black and gray film camera near macbook pro

Respond to one question. or two. or all 20. As many or as few as you wish. Just please answer at least one.

There’s no grade for this test so don’t let it make you anxious.  There are no right or wrong answers, just opinions. Your answer can be as long or as short as it needs to be.

Consider this one of those bullshit ‘get to know you’ activities, but you get to control your input. You do NOT have to come up with an adjective starting with the same letter as your name (though you special unicorns are welcome to do just that).

  1. Why is 2020 the ‘ideal vision?’ Is there something to that or is it just aesthetics?
  2. Was WW2 worse or better than WW1? Would WW3 end it all? Discuss.
  3. What’s the ideal age to start giving my nephews cash for their birthdays and how much should I give? 
  4. Who’s done a meal delivery service (i.e. blue apron, hello fresh, etc.)? Did you enjoy it? Was it worth the money? Did you actually save time or money?
  5. What’s your favorite social media platform and why?
  6. What’s your favorite kind (genre) of book? Do you read other stuff you don’t consider books (audio, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, apps, etc)?
  7. Do you find studying hard?
  8. Do you believe in routine or do you wing it every day. Explain your position.
  9. Are you offended by a term or phrase (not profanity or racial slurs. I’m thinking like ‘feminist’ or ‘millennial’) that is current as of 2020? What is it and why does it offend you?
  10. How do you define ‘adulting?’
  11. Do you know what a bullet journal is? Are you obsessed with them? Feel free to gush.
  12. Do you know the difference between proofreading and editing? Prove it.
  13. It’s now a criminal offense to mistreat animals. Too harsh? or BoutDamnTime? Discuss.
  14. What’s the coolest modern/current technology? What’s the scariest?
  15. Want to talk about dieting (good or bad), food, fitness, or healthy eating?
  16. Ask me a question about your hair, skin, or nails. (Sure, even the gross ones)
  17. Ask me one of my 20 questions.
  18. Ask me a question of your own devising. You should consider your question ‘public’
  19. Solemnly swear to me you are up to no good. Do it properly.
  20. Batman or Superman? Defend your choice.

That’s all for today! Coming tomorrow: Let’s have a conversation

11 thoughts on “20 2020 Questions: this is a test

Add yours

  1. I don’t know why, exactly, but when I read through this the first time, I felt burdened by a new task to do. But I knew that you did not want to burden anyone. In fact, you wrote that we should have fun with it, so I gave myself several hours to let it soak in. I naturally prefer to communicate one on one and not in “public” but I know that I need to get past that. It’s kept me from most social media platforms so I won’t be answering number 5.

    But first, let’s celebrate that you are blogging again. That’s good, right? And, you’ve put a diverse set of questions out there so most anyone should be able to answer at least one.

    You may think I’ll answer about the World Wars, because I am a history/war buff (death and destruction), but I don’t have a clue how to answer it.

    Number 9 gets me. I am not and have never been easily offended, probably because of my arrogance and unwarranted self-assurance. But the term “OK, Boomer” gets me a little. You know, it implies that we baby boomers are stuck in the past and can’t catch up with new ideas, new cultural norms, new skills. It hurts a little, probably because it’s got some truth to it. Like a lot of offensive phrases (not all), there is a bit of truth that got it started. Maybe more than a bit. Anyway, you asked, and it stings a little when I see it or hear it. I’ve uttered enough offensive phrases in my life that I need a taste of the medicine, so don’t stop using the phrase. I’ll laugh and throw one back or just maybe, I’ll not be so offensive myself.

    Number 14. The coolest AND the scariest technology is self-driving vehicles. The arrival of the technology may well coincide with my own loss of capacity to drive myself around. No doubt it will save lives, but I am a little grieved that my grandchildren may never get the thrill of their first solo drive around the neighborhood. My grandfathers probably grieved that I would not learn how to hook up a buggy or properly brush down a horse.

    I have a question for you: I heard a program on Public Radio yesterday about the topic of procrastination. I think it’s safe to say that you and I both are procrastinators. Here’s the question:

    Is procrastination always negative, or can it be positive?

    You don’t have to answer the question but here’s a hint from the program: The topic was in the context of being creative.

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    1. Glad you got over your burdened feeling. You were right.
      I hoped you would write about ‘OK Boomer’ actually, because I hate being called a millennial. I can’t even spell it. Seriously.
      It feels like all the bad things and none of the good. But I’ve found the more I embrace the term the less it bothers me. Same with procrastinating. But I wrote a post about that.


  2. I can’t get my brain to function enough to answer all of the questions, so I’m going to focus on the “have fun” part 🙂 haha. So, here’s just random talk:

    1. I did the Iowa Caucus last night, and boy was it strange. Why do they keep changing things with the process without seeming to practice it first? Maybe they do practice on a smaller scale, but clearly they didn’t do a full-scale test run on what was going to happen last night! I ended up signing for my 3rd choice…but my 3rd choice was a tie, really, so I went with the person who had the least amount of support. Politics are weird.

    2. I just bought tickets to go to a concert with Ryan and his parents (Don and Ronda) on Feb. 15th. You will likely NEVER guess who we’re seeing. Unless you Google it, and then you probably can find it. But, without looking into it, I don’t think you’d ever guess this guy… and that’s your only hint.

    3. I am now realizing that all of these “paragraphs” I’m writing start with “I”. I’m also not going to change it. I see and recognize my self-centeredness and I guess I condone it in this context.

    4. I’m getting really darn close to giving up and moving away. Running away. Like anywhere warmer than Iowa. Want to help me pick a new name? I’m currently accepting suggestions!

    I must now say adieu to you and you and you. ❤ Oh, last thing. when you look at that "heart" to the left, try thinking Rat Head instead of heart. Do you see it?

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    1. Gosh darndit. It turned it into an actual heart. It was supposed to stay the characters. I’ll do them here again, but with space. < 3


    2. 1. I have never and likely will never understand caucuses or politics. I admire you for participating .
      2. My very last guess is Rod Stewart because he’s the weirdest but I want to come up with someone sufficiently 90s hip to please Ryan. Whatever, the point is for me to be wrong 🙂
      3. I am flattered that you feel self centered on my blog
      4. Girl. I have a purple room with your current name on it.

      You are the best best friend :-*

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  3. To me adulting is anything you have to do that feels more like a chore or an obligation to do than being fun. Things like paying bills, cutting grass, preparing taxes, grocery shopping, etc. are some examples. Another is having to go to social functions because it’s the proper or expected thing to do when all I really want is to build a fort with a sheet and sit in it with me coloring book. There are days I don’t want any responsibilities. Maybe it’s because what started out as a partnership raising two children ended up with me facing it alone. It stinks being responsible for everyone and having to remember everything. I’d like a break from adulting and just play with my toys for awhile, but dishes, laundry, and hungry children wait for no one. To me adulting means putting other people’s need and the things that are deemed important or necessary before your “fun time.” Sometimes you just have to say, “Forget it!” and go play in the rain with your kids. 🤪

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