conversations with myself


I was going to put the lyrics here but I think it’s better if you just listen…

It’s always nice to know someone else on the planet has the same thoughts you do. Often that person for me is JMRAZ. I don’t know if we experience the same things or if he just has the courage to write down and sing about the things that happen in his head. I know the latter is true. So I’m going to do the same:

Oh it’s a calming, but often alarming, and oh it’s a conscious conversation with myself:

It went something like this:

I’m an idiot

You’re not an…

I’m an idiot

You’re NOT an…

I’m an idiot



Actually, I’m not an idiot. I’m new at this. Yeah. I’m learning. I’m not a freakin idiot.  psssshha.

Yeah, duh. Freakin idiot.

It’s ok to dance around it. Have it your way. And it’s ok to laugh about it oh for goodness sake:

Here’s another one:

Tuesdays are green.


Tuesdays are green.

What does that even mean?

I have no idea but it must be true.

Ok. Makes sense, but I’m looking for a basic relationship. Anything will do. Association?

Nope. Just green. on Tuesdays.

It went on like that until I saw my morning pages where I had, the day before, categorized all my work into four colors:




and…you guessed it…


So now I know I was trying to tell myself the plans I have for Tuesdays goes with the other money-making stuff.

And now you know what it’s like to be in my head.



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  1. I know about three of your work categories: Writing, Editing, and Earning. What is the fourth and which colors go with which (excluding green)? Is Blogging the fourth ,or is that included in Writing? If not, why not?


    1. The colors are sub categories if you will. Though thinking of them in the context of WEE is helpful. Blue is Nanowrimo because their primary color is blue. Ellison work is red because the hymnal is red. Fiverr and Upwork both have green in their logos. Orange is my camp nanowrimo stuff and my collaboration work with R…
      Now, it’s about fitting the other projects, like my thesis (orange) into the different color categories and you’ve given me an idea with bringing up the writing editing and earning.


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