February 7

Today’s my nephew’s birthday. So I have to give him a shout out.

This song always makes me think of him because of the title, but I have a hard time applying it to his little self. He won’t be little always though and I hope he is the kind of person described in this song…

or if he’s as much like me as I fear…

wait for the person who is all of these things and more.

That’s all a little above him at the moment. For his birthday, I sent him a Wreck This Journal because I wish someone had given me permission earlier to make art the way I make it, which is often messy and involves tearing stuff up. I want him to know that he doesn’t have to be perfect or do perfect things, even if he holds himself to higher standard (something I sense in him already) than he holds others. I want him to know that his way is fine.

I’m the aunt. I can do that.

Next as promised, and highly anticipated by at least one reader, haha: why the hell am i doing this

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