my ‘now’ moments

In the midst of this challenge, I thought I should say…

I have no idea what I’m doing here. 

Scratch that. That’s not true.

Imposter syndrome is the feeling I get when I’m scared. It’s bullshit. Knowing that doesn’t always make it easier. The truth is, most of us know the next right thing when we see it. Or we do if we think about it. I’ve been inspired by that idea, and by the new community I’ve joined: hope*writers.



They can tell you about themselves better than I can, but I can tell you if you’re a writer, you need this group. I’m just getting my feet wet and wishing I had jumped in sooner.

I have yet to introduce myself to their facebook group officially…still working on my intro…but I’m introducing myself as an official hope*writer here.

Today’s Tuesday Teaching mentioned our ‘now’ moments and that’s exactly where I am. I’m not where I used to be and I’m not where I’m going. That’s the place that has me thinking I must know what I want to say before I say it.

I don’t have to know what I’m doing to keep doing it.

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