your turn

I’ve found setting challenges for myself useful in two ways: Challenges allow me a goal to work toward even if that involves some…procrastination…and challenges allow me to forgive myself if I fail to meet the goal.

So how am I doing at my challenges? I’m behind on every single one of them. Will they get done. Sure. When? At the last minute? Probably.

Are you going to get 29 posts in February? It remains to be seen. Are you going to count them? What’s the desired frequency for a blog these days?

So now I’ve done the thing I’m compelled to do and the thing I said I would do. It’s your turn for a challenge.

I hereby challenge you to:

find that thing in your work (at whatever capacity you work, yes even with/for yourself for which you may or may not get paid) that you are compelled to do. You must do it. Must. For your own sanity. Not because anyone else is making you do it. 

Find a way to do that thing today, no matter what. Then find a way to do it in your work.

It may feel like a small victory or a small rebellion but either way it should feel like a big step.

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