MAYFLOWERS: Starting Over

Remember the old saying?

April showers bring May flowers

It’s been on my mind lately.

What do May flowers bring?




sunset ship boat sea
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You’re welcome.


The saying has been on my mind because we’ve had a rough month.


It’s as though it’s been raining for six to eight weeks, though the weather here has been glorious.


For the first time, I’ve noticed spring on a daily basis. I’m appreciating the difference, however short, in the seasons where I live. I’m also more aware of what people are doing, or not doing, and interested in people’s lives like I’ve never been before.


Could it be the rain has brought something beautiful out of a yucky situation?


Look around. What do you see that has improved during the past month. What are the benefits of what you have sown before the rain?


5 thoughts on “MAYFLOWERS: Starting Over

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  1. What are the benefits of what you have sown before the rain?

    The seeds have broken through the crusted dirt into the clean fresh air, to thrive in the beautiful sunshine!

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  2. Reading this reminded me of a song lyric:

    more and more people i know are getting ill
    pull something good from the ashes and be still

    It was written in 2003 but it feels like it directly applies to our current situation. I like this lyric because it is a command. I believe the rain has brought the *opportunity* for something beautiful to come out of a yucky situation. It won’t happen by itself, though. We must make it so.

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