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It’s time to talk about DRAFTING and my favorite way to do that is through NANOWRIMO happening all this month on

YAY! The good news is we actually get to start writing now…

BOO! The bad news is we actually have to start writing now.

I draft in 4 stages starting with a ZERO DRAFT

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ZERO DRAFT: This draft is ALL ABOUT THE WORDS. All of them. Every word. I write all the thoughts in my head down on paper and it is glorious and frightening at the same time. My comfort is that NOBODY sees this draft EVER.

FIRST DRAFT: In this draft I take all the pieces of the ZERO DRAFT relevant and important to my story and cut and paste them into a new document. I try to keep everything in general order, but most of the organizing starts in my…

SECOND DRAFT: Which is where I put everything in order and make it sound like a readable piece of work. This is the FIRST time it actually looks like a STORY or resembles a finished product.

THIRD DRAFT: This is where I REWRITE everything and ADD whatever’s missing. This a draft for my beta readers. It is NOT perfect, more like an Advanced Reader Copy, but it’s as close as it gets before editing.

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DRAFTING takes forever…months to years…and it’s absolutely the worst and the best part of writing. Then comes EDITING…a topic for another time.

I’m finishing up novel number FOUR this nano, so wish me luck. I’ll see you all in December :-*



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