LOVE One Another

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The simplest and hardest thing to do. At least for me. I don’t think I’m alone.

LOVE is another hard subject. Again, I feel about it something like a calling, but I also feel very private about the things and people I LOVE. It’s hard for me to define and hard for me to ask for, but it’s maybe the most important thing we can do on this planet. It helps us to see other people through their own eyes.

Empathy is the greatest gift we give and receive.

LOVE ties us together as humans. If HOPE is what separates us from the animals then LOVE is what shows our humanity. LOVE is another choice. It’s one we make every day we take care of ourselves or others.

What does LOVE look like in this broken world?

Sometimes it’s the words.

Sometimes it’s actions.

Sometimes it’s silence, letting other people be who they are. It can be inaction, letting others do and be themselves.

Nothing says “I love you” like permission to be just exactly yourself.

Also important is self-LOVE. We cannot give to others from an empty tank. We must fill ourselves up with things that bring us JOY

…but that’s for next week…


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