JOY to the World

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Don’t forget the little things.



I’ll be honest, I didn’t anticipate these ADVENT pillars being as hard to write about as they are.

Unlike HOPE and LOVE, I can remember very clearly a time in my life when I was without JOY.

2012 was a hard year. Many things had gone wrong, and it was only February. After 2020, you all will understand what I mean.

My first nephew was born, and I knew I should feel something I wasn’t feeling. It took me almost three years to figure out what that was.


I don’t mean to say what I was feeling was wrong, but it didn’t match the moment. My outsides and insides weren’t aligned. I think many of us feel that way this time of year, and maybe this year in particular, for a plethora of reasons.

Let me encourage you to find your JOY anywhere you can. Look for it. seek it out. Try to manifest it in your life.

I’ve learned that JOY is also a choice…like looking for pieces of mica in a pile of rocks…a choice to see brilliance where others see gravel…

This year, I’m doing things that make me happy, even if they don’t make sense to others. I’m decorating what I want, wrapping what I want, and showing up for those I want. If it doesn’t bring me JOY, it’s not for me right now.

I HOPE you will take the same path. Chase your JOY and surround yourself with people and things you LOVE. I’ll be back next week to usher in a PEACEful New Year.

Merry Christmas to you all.


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