PEACE on Earth

What to say about PEACE?

There was a time when PEACE was the only thing I wanted. My brother asked me years ago what it was I was seeking or missing in my life that made me so miserable. My answer was PEACE.

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As with all these ADVENT pillars, PEACE is not something that just appears in our lives. We have to find it and make it a priority.

I usually have plenty of PEACE and quiet in my life, but this holiday season has not been peaceful or quiet. There’s been a lot of noise around me the last few days, but I have been peaceful inside.

I realized PEACE isn’t the absence of noise; it is patience with the noise.

I’ve worked hard to cultivate PEACE in my life, and I think I’ve done a decent job. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either. Neither do I believe PEACE is something that just exists in the world to be grasped. If PEACE isn’t a skill, it’s at least a muscle we need to exercise.

Thank you for traveling this ADVENT journey with me. I HOPE you have found something you LOVE or something has brought you a little JOY or a moment of inner PEACE.

Here’s to a peaceful and happy new year to each of you.


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3 thoughts on “PEACE on Earth

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  1. Peace isn’t the absence of noise, it’s patience with the noise. Peace isn’t a skill, it’s a muscle that requires exercise. These are gems Linsey! Sometimes it’s so hard to not view as peace as a destination or a “level” that only certain people in certain places in life can achieve. Peace was left for us all through Jesus but it’s choice we make to exercise peace and maintain it. Thank you for your words!

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