Today is Pearl Harbor day.

December 7, 1941, was one of those days that people remembered.

For my generation, that day is 911, September 11, 2001.

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The day we all remember where we were, what we were doing, and how our lives changed.

This generation will likely remember the outbreak of COVID-19.

Think how blessed they are that this event didn’t spark a war. Think how blessed we all are. We are not in conflict with each other, at least not on a global scale. In theory, anyway, we are “all in this together.”

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We are living through a time of relative PEACE, and for that, I am supremely grateful.

PEACE is like health in that we don’t notice it so much as we notice its absence. We notice when it is disrupted.

In talking about PEACE, I want to first talk about grief. Events big or small affect us when we lose something or someone.

Those moments can be extra poignant around the holidays.

We go through denial, anger, bargaining, and finally acceptance.

I think PEACE, especially for writers, especially for this time of year, is about accepting what we can and cannot do. Accepting that this time of year is hard, accepting that we may not be as productive as we want to be, accepting that we may want to murder our family members at some point.

Accepting the dark and scary parts of ourselves as well as those filled with light.

Accepting the PEACE offered by other people, by God, by the universe, or whomever. Accepting that all you have to do is accept.

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This year, I challenge you to notice and appreciate all the PEACE in your life.

Cultivate PEACE where it is lacking whether that’s a difficult coworker or a disruptive family member. Lend a hand and you will receive one back. Watch and see if it doesn’t happen.

And finally, accept the PEACE you have in your life, offer it to others, and let it surround you.

See you next week


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