Nanowrimo 2022: Badass Beginner-LIVE Updates

Happy Fall Y’all!

Here’s my first nanowrimo update and info on my LIVE YouTube streams this month.

November 1st update:

I’m a badass beginner.

At least I usually am. That means I hit the ground running when it comes to typing my little heart out at the beginning of November. Sometimes I lose steam around the tenth and muddle through the middle before sprinting toward the finish and 50k.

I am always so fired up for today; it’s my favorite day of the year. Not only is Halloween candy 50% off, it’s also the first day of nanowrimo. I have a tradition of staying up til midnight to usher the day in.

I’m a bit over the top.

But this year guess what happened…


That’s right. I wrote four words at midnight before I had to give up and shut the computer. I don’t know why. I couldn’t pinpoint it then, and I don’t know now.

Then guess what happened.

I couldn’t sleep. 

Of course. 

So I did what I always do when lying still doesn’t work.

I wrote.

I’m not sure what I wrote was understandable or even legible. I didn’t look at the screen. It’s my policy not to go backward this month. November is always about forward momentum.

I got about 850 words in 30 minutes. Not bad.

So what’s the lesson here? Take my time? Write when I can? Pick up and try again?

Probably all of those things.

In other news:

I sent out an email today. It asked 1 question. If you didn’t get it and would like to, send me a message.

I’m going live at least twice on YouTube this month before a long hiatus in December.

The first is tonight at 5 central and we’ll go until the people grow tired.

The next one and the one you should put on your calendar is:

Saturday November 12 from 6 to 6 central time (7-7 eastern).

I’m working for 10k that day and I would love for you to join me whether you’re writing or reading or knitting or whatever it is you’re doing.

We don’t limit creation.

Join me in my journey this month and thank you as always for your support!


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