Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday?

Or Lent?

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on

Do you identify with one over the other? Why?

(I’d really like to know! Leave me a comment!)

Here’s the thing:

They’re both about celebration.

What are you celebrating now?

I’m still struggling, but I am celebrating creativity this month and hoping you’ll join me.

What is creativity, and how do we use it?

I believe we are all creative beings, but some of us are gifted creatively in ways others are not. We have unlimited creative possibilities, but we may be weaker in certain more practical areas, such as accountability.

This is what I’m striving to achieve: A community where we can benefit each other by working together.

Let me know your strengths and what you’re trying to achieve

Let me know your weaknesses and where you’d like to improve.

This is a completely free opportunity to join a collective of other creators.

Are you in?

Let me know

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