Storytellers’ Hearth: Spring Writeathon

There’s not much else going on in this corner.

All the planning I did so I wouldn’t run out of content, while certainly not for naught, nevertheless does not help me when I just don’t feel like writing.

I hope this weekend will get me in the mood.

What used to be the World Wide Writeathon is now the Storytellers’ Hearth, and it’s happening THIS WEEKEND.

If you want the inside story, check out the STORYTELLERS’ HEARTH. I’ve posted the schedule below.

I’m not hosting this time…too much going on…but I will be in the chats on many, many streams.

I hope to see you there.

I’ll be working on my short story collection…trying to figure out which stories need to be added to or just plain deleted. We shall see. I hope it will be an inspiring weekend around a bunch of other writers who all love doing the same thing I do. The internet makes some pretty amazing things possible.

If that sounds like fun, I hope you will join, but don’t forget I do two live writing streams a week on YOUTUBE.

What are you working on this week and how is your motivation?


The CREATIVE COLLECTIVE starts March 30th! If you haven’t signed up, ASK ME HOW!

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