It’s that time of year again.

Time to roll up the sleeves and do some writing.

That’s what I’ve decided to do anyway.

CAMP NANOWRIMO is a little more flexible on the goals front, and I started by saying I would edit my short story collection.

Since then, I’ve changed my mind and decided I need to write more. It’s been several months (last November) since I opened the floodgates and let whatever out. This time I am doing so in a controlled environment, i.e., the format of the stories and the time frame of Camp.

In other words, I’m writing whatever comes to mind as much and as often as possible for the next 30 days.

I do hope I come up with something good. Some of the short stories need to be fleshed out. I hope to add roughly 25k to the manuscript. It’s ok if I don’t make it; the point is to do the thing.

At this point, I’m just noodling on ideas, trying to get 1k words a day. I made it on Day 1 and had zero words Day 2. Day 3 I hit 1500 or so and Day 4 so far has a few hundred.

I’m doing things like coming up with last names, filling out the cast of characters and setting notes, and brainstorming plot points. Some of this may end up in the final manuscript as colorful extras, while most of it is probably destined for the trash heap.

I don’t let that discourage me.

It takes lots and lots of words to make a novel-length manuscript. Not all of them are going to make it.

If you want to write with me, check out my YOUTUBE streams on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.

I’m also doing a MUDDY MIDDLE stream on April 15th to write 10k in a day.


Happy Camping until next week.


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