Well, I’ve had it. My stroke of brilliance. I’ve had a few of them lately, but I’ve been waiting for the one that I would sit down and write about all at once. And when I reread it, I could not help but hit ‘publish.’

It’s occurred to me in these “mini-strokes” that I started a blog for all the wrong reasons. And a few of the right ones:

  1. Someone told me to.
  2. It was time.
  3. I was ready.
  4. I was in NO WAY READY at all.
  5. I needed a project.
  6. Another project was the very last thing I needed.
  7. I needed to succeed at something.
  8. I needed to fail. Again. Harder.

I could go on.


Here’s the important thing, though: I am going to go on. I haven’t deleted any of my previous posts. I’ve left them there…let them linger…taunting me. FIXIT!

I’ve been afraid to tell the truth, and I’ve been afraid to lie, but we have a lovely euphemism for that here in the South. It’s called ‘telling a story.’

I have heard it come out of my own mouth when children tell me something outrageous, like that a dinosaur ate their breakfast. I’ll say: ‘Is that true? I think you’re telling a story!”

Of course they are. It’s fun, and it’s funny. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m a great storyteller—always have been.

Another great saying we have in the South to describe someone: “he/she’s a real CHARACTER.” This can be good or bad, depending on the context and the person.

Well, I’m adopting that one too. I am a character, and I have stories to tell. Only I had to figure out whose story to tell…

Mine, of course.

But I had to find it first.


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