AUGUST: a Reflection

I’ve been thinking…

Am I to blame? Is there something I should have done differently? Does this really have anything to do with me? Is it as bad as all that?

Photo by James Wheeler on

Sometimes things look one way from one perspective and completely upside down from another. I wonder how that happens. Is it a trick of the light? Bad timing? Or totally not what you thought you were looking at at all?

why can’t things just make sense?

This month I have been working on GOODBYE with R and we have made some fantastic progress.

i’m still not happy …

It’s strange looking back on work I started so long ago (five years) and that I labored over so intensely (two of those, I think) and not recognize my own work. It’s hard for me to believe this stuff came out of my head.

except when I come across something stupid, then I’m convinced it’s my work.

I’m walking a tightrope between wanting what I have and having what I want. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to negotiate. Here’s to the third week of the month.


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