AUGUST: A Descent


Photo by Jou00e3o Jesus on

The descent from above, especially at night when you can see the lights glowing in the towns and houses around the airport.
Everything looks picture perfect, though somewhere in those houses are people living just like you and me. Nothing magical.

Editing is much the same way: It sounds glamorous, but it’s hard and dismal work. The end result will be worth it, when everything looks as though I intended it that way from the beginning.

After my writing month in JULY, I think I need to take AUGUST off in future.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to me, since MAY was the same after working my way through APRIL‘s CAMP NANOWRIMO, but I am disappointed.

I feel, not that I can do more, but that I should be able to do more, when I just can’t.

It’s an unrealistic expectation, but I expect it nonetheless.

I don’t know what next month holds, nor do I care to plan for it at this point. Don’t tell anybody, but I plan to wing it.

until then,


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